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Squid Ink

DeDraMo Day 20.

Freebie sketch for Proat on Subeta.

DeDraMo Day 17.

Freebie sketch for Hojikins on Subeta.

DeDraMo Day 13.

This is Kassadin from League of Legends. Hopefully he looks at least a little bit cute. The markings on his clothes were a pain! He will be inked and colored later.

DeDraMo Day 12.

I ended up working some more on the hot chocolate picture. These don’t look as good but I will work more on them some other time.

DeDraMo Day 11.

A WIP for day 11 since I have to catch up with two more drawings today. The next two are probably going to be sketches.

DeDraMo Day 10.

Very very late. :(

This has a lot more to it that will be uploaded as a full piece later. I just realized while working on it that I don’t have time to finish it right now so I removed some layers and cropped it down.

I keep losing track of time and not getting done with my DeDraMo stuff on time. Blarg. I took a nap earlier and set my alarm to wake up in two hours. TEN HOURS LATER I wake up to see it’s freaking two in the freaking morning and I am officially late for the day ten post that I haven’t even started yet! *sigh*

DeDraMo Day 9.

Angry Ghost Pig does not like your breakfast choice. 

This was brought on by a conversation with my dad. There may  be something wrong with us. :)

DeDraMo Day 8.

I couldn’t think of anything to draw so I drew my snack. :)

DeDraMo Day 6.

Thought this idea would be cute. This is a minion from League of Legends. My husband has proposed an opposing organization which I will make a poster for at some point. :)

DeDraMo Day 5.

Mika goes along with Sayoko and Sammy from previous days. I hope the pose comes across properly. There is something about it that feels off but I can’t put my finger on it.

This pose is from a stock photo from magicstock on deviantart, but the account seems to be deactivated so I can’t link it. :(

DeDraMo Day 3.

This is Sammy. He is from the same story as Sayoko from Day 2.

Ref used for pose by Marcus Ranum: here

DeDraMo Day 2.

This is a character from a story I have been very slowly working on. I will definitely do a better piece of her at some point after December.

Ref used for pose by Marcus Ranumhere

My name is Heather. This is not a theme blog I just post stuff I like. Sometimes I will post my artwork and work in progress stuff. Also, I hope you are having a wonderful day. :)

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